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What We Believe Customer Service MeansExcellent customer service is not just something that is talked about at Kemii, it is something we try to practice every day. The philosophy of the Group is that of customer focus.

You will find people working late to get a ‘rush job’ out to a customer who needs something urgently, couriers collecting designs for customers who need to make a decision, people driving miles to deliver samples so that customers can achieve their objectives.

As there is a culture of customer service a real ‘can do’ attitude comes through so, if it can physically be achieved, we will always do our best to ensure it happens on time and to a high standard.

Customer service is also about contacting you and letting you know if there is an issue, if something has gone wrong or if a mistake has been made. Nobody wants to make a mistake but it can happen and on these rare occasions we would let you know.

It is appreciated and understood that if you have all the right information, whatever the nature of the issue, query or need, you can make fully qualified decisions.So, customer service isn’t just about smiling and being polite – it’s about understanding what you need from us to make your job easier.


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We do everything in our power to make sure that each order meets our high standards of Quality, Competitive Pricing, and Quick Delivery Time, – this is the our Guarantee.

As a manufacturer of pizza box, We utilize the finest materials to assure you of a quality product for your delicious pizza. The best price for you, pls contact us Now!

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Best Service

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